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Dental Sedation & Dental Phobia

At Douglas Miller's practice we have a unique understanding of phobic and anxious patients.

If you are anxious about dental treatment, you will be treated with the utmost consideration and understanding. You will be given back the control that you may feel has been taken away from you elsewhere, and, we will never judge you. We will strive to give you the treatment you require in a gentle, caring manner, personally tailored to your needs, so that you can cope with it.

Douglas understands that many people put off visiting the dentist because of fear or anxiety even though they may require treatment and only make an appointment when in severe pain. However, if left untreated, simple tooth problems can often develop into more serious issues, so it's wise to make an appointment sooner rather than later - you'll find that we're here to help.

Dr. Miller is specially qualified in sedation techniques and teaches these techniques to other dentists and nurses, so he is uniquely placed to offer the latest and gentlest methods to help you overcome your fears. Through a variety of relaxation and sedation techniques, where appropriate, patients can have treatment at their own pace.

Sedation is a method for removing fear and anxiety about dental treatment by producing a relaxing experience by using sedative medications. It does not put you to sleep although you will feel very sleepy while under sedation. It is not a general anaesthetic and is much safer than a general anaesthetic. Sedation provides great benefits for fearful patients who can have their fears removed completely whilst having dental treatment.

The first step to successful treatment begins when you email or call us...

We are experts in techniques which work, such as:

  1. Pain free injections! - Using special gels to effectively numb the gum first.
  2. Making sure that the teeth are completely free of feeling before starting treatment.
  3. We can provide a soothing choice of music for you but you can bring your own music or stories to listen to during treatment to help as a distraction.
  4. Where lack of time spent with you may have been an issue in the past, you will find that we will always give you the appropriate time to explain your difficulties to us. We will listen carefully to your needs and we will always give you the opportunity to ask any questions about your treatment and we will answer them as fully as possible. The appointments for treatment with Dr. Miller are long enough to allow for good pain control and anxiety management and you will not feel rushed.

Dr Douglas Miller is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist.

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"The thought of phoning you initially made me terrified... I was impossible to treat as I had had a bad experience from several other dentists... Dr Miller was so understanding. I still have sedation but am calm and relaxed with Dr Miller as I realise he does not judge me. His practice is a godsend for any one who has dental phobia...It is possible to overcome this phobia...I'm a lot better now and so are my teeth!"